An Introduction to Wedge Gaskets

What are Wedge Gaskets?

There are many types of the gasket. These include bubble gaskets, flipper gaskets, E gaskets and wedge gaskets. They all play a particular role in an aluminium system. In this article, we will be taking a look at the wedge gasket, the role it plays, and what it’s advantages are. It is important to understand it’s function and how it can improve performance.

A wedge gasket is a type of gasket is, as the name suggests, wedge shaped and come in many shapes and sizes. Many windows and doors use a wedge gasket to seal the frame and glass and protect from water ingress. They are also effective at eliminating draughts. Draughts occur when there are spaces that do not prevent cold air from coming through, or prevent the hot air from leaving home. Cooler air comes in as a balance between the two and creates a draught. You fit a wedge gasket by pushing it between the glass in the window or door and the actual frame for the glass. This creates a tight seal around the window. It prevents the cold air from getting in, as well as the rain.

About wedge gaskets

Wedge gaskets are used to fill and block any gaps. They create a compressive seal which keeps out the cold air and keeps warm air in. They seal the glass and keep it steady to ensure a water and airtight fit. They also reduce any instability which improves safety. Wedge gaskets can encounter problems. The most common problem is that the seal is used over and over again. Over time this wears down the seal. It starts to disintegrate and tear in places, making it nowhere near as effective. Another problem is if mould begins to form. Mould can damage your wedge gasket and reduce it’s effectiveness. These kinds of issues can make the entire door or window look shabby and tired. They can also fail to ensure that cold air doesn’t get into the property. However, the good news is you can replace them, and this is easy enough to do. All you need to do is remove the old one and then push the replacement gasket into place with your hands. Wedge gaskets create tight seals around windows or doors. They protect from the loss of heat and warmth in the building. They also keep the elements out, particularly water. Wedge gaskets are powerful tools to seal glass in a frame or reduce heat loss, but they’re also prone to get worn.

Range of Wedge Gaskets

At Central Extrusions we recognise this. We are proud to offer you a range of wedge gaskets to suit all kinds of windows and doors. You’ll never need to worry about replacing wedge gaskets again. We strive to provide you with the best in high quality gaskets. We are confident that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

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