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What is a Window Gasket?

Window gaskets are a fantastic way to give windows added protection from the outside elements and stop draughts and other nuisances from entering into homes. But what exactly are window gaskets and how are window gaskets used? Our guide takes you through everything you need to know about window gaskets. A window gasket is typically a strip of rubber that is fitted to a window frame between the glass and body panel to create a secure seal. Window gaskets can help weather seal a window and protect homes.

How Do I Know if a Window Gasket is Needed?

Windows, like many other areas of the home, may need attention over time. Older windows may start to let in draughts or damp leading to higher heating bills and a nuisance mopping up the excess water. If you are considering window gaskets, you may start noticing excess sound from entering the home through gaps in the windows. If your current window gaskets are faulty, you may also notice water gathering on the windowsill or feel a draught coming from your windows.

What Types of Window Gaskets Are There?

The good news is that there are a variety of types of window gaskets available to fit your windows perfectly. The main types of window gaskets include bubble gaskets, E gaskets, flipper gaskets and wedge gaskets. Each of these is a slightly different shape to fit your window type. Bubble gaskets, for example, are a curved shape and sit between the window frame and the opening of the window in order to form a weather seal on your window. Wedge gaskets are commonly found in UPVC windows and fit windows to form a tight, weatherproof seal to keep adverse weather out of the home.

How Do I Fit a New Window Gasket?

Fitting a new window gasket is usually quite straightforward. To start, simply remove part of the existing window frame and take a look at the type of window gasket you will be replacing. You should then choose the right type of window gasket to match, paying close attention to your measurements. Once you have measured the space and found the correct window gasket and size for your window, press the new window seal down into the space between the window glass and frame until it has formed a tight seal.

More Questions on Window Gaskets

Whilst we have aimed to give a clear guide to what window gaskets are, we know this may not answer all of your questions. To find more answers to questions about window gaskets or any of our products, contact our team now online or by calling 01384 413 222.

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