Gaskets & Seals For Aluminium Systems

With aluminium systems with doors and windows, you need the right gaskets and seals to suit the profile. Yet, getting the correct seal for your needs can be difficult. To help with this, we’re taking a look at the types of gaskets and seals for aluminium systems available. We will look at how they will improve performance and be effective.

Bubble Gaskets

First up on our list is the bubble gasket. This is used for both doors and windows. They are designed to stop draughts which may come in. They also help with the reduction of noise from the outside world. One way to tell when a gasket needs replacing is when you hear a whistle through the window. When that happens, it is a simple task of removing the old gasket and replacing it with the new one.

Wedge Gaskets

The versatile wedge gasket is another product which is suitable for aluminium systems. A wedge gasket is an integral part of the design of a window or door. Not only does it help to seal the window, it acts as a buffer to prevent the glass coming into contact with the frame. The wedge gasket is always located on the inside. If you put it on the outside, then the glass can be removed. The wedge gasket locks the window beads in position and keeps it secure.

E Gaskets

E Gaskets create a seal between the glass and the frame. E gaskets are easy to fit are easy to fit and push into position. They may need replacing because of shrinkage, gradual disintegration, or the effects of mould. These factors reduce the performance of the gasket. This in turn can lead to misted glazing units if not dealt with.

Low Sightline Gaskets

Low SightLine Gaskets have the advantage of sitting low in the profile. This gives them a crisp, non-intrusive finish. Another advantage of this type of gasket is they are easy to keep clean.

U Channel Gaskets

U Channel Gaskets are extruded from EPDM or neoprene rubber. U Channels are available in a wide range of profiles shapes to suit specific window systems. They are used as a protective edging on the aluminium or uPVC profile to receive the glazed unit. They are also used as trim and are very economical to install.

Gaskets and Seals Range

Overall, these are a few of the gaskets and seals you could be using for your aluminium based systems. The type of gasket which you choose is down to preference and suitability. Each type of gasket has its strengths and qualities. Combining different types of gaskets in specific configurations can improve performance. Central Extrusions has a broad range of Gaskets and Seals for Aluminium Systems available. We are proud to be able to offer you our full range. You will be able to reseal your doors and windows when the existing gaskets start to become worn from use.

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