An Introduction to Flipper Gaskets

Flipper Gaskets from Central Extrusions are designed to fit many of the leading aluminium glazing or uPVC glazing systems in use today. They are supplied in many shapes and sizes and used to seal around doors and opening windows to eliminate any drafts. The flipper element of the gasket moves to seal the gap to prevent air leakage.

Replace Failing Flipper Gaskets

Flipper Gaskets are used when fitting new windows, or to replace failing gaskets in windows already installed. Many customers purchase our flipper gasket to replace worn weatherseals where the gaskets have lost some of their flexibility. They can also shrink or simply start to break apart. Often this is due to the number of compressions undertaken when doors and windows are open and closed.

They are simple to fit and are just pushed in between the glass and the frame. No adhesive is required to fit, the gasket simply pushes into place. Gaskets provide an air-tight seal to the window. The main purpose of any gasket is to stop draughts or rain ingress. When fitting any of our gaskets yourself we would recommend using gasket cutters or shears to give a clean precise cut.

Flexible Gaskets with Longevity

Glazing gaskets are manufactured from a range of materials that offer flexibility to return to their original shape, have good longevity, are less likely to shrink and are UV resistant. These materials include EPDM, TPR and PVC.

Customers Can Order Online

We principally work with Trade customers but also offer our gaskets for sale via our online store to private customers. Our Flipper Gasket is sold in 20m lengths or, if you require more, by the reel. Simply find the appropriate gasket and add to your basket. Please note, gasket is non-returnable but we do offer a matching service for private customers before you purchase. Gasket Manufacturing Specialists

Central Extrusions are a UK based glazing gaskets specialist providing a custom extrusion manufacturing service. We manufacture many variations of glazing gaskets including; Flipper Gaskets, Bubble Gaskets, E Gaskets, Low SightLine Gaskets, U Channel Gaskets, Wedge Gaskets as well as Pressure Plates, Security Tape and Woolpile.

If you would like to know more about replacement glazing gaskets, or would like a sample gasket to try before repairing, get in touch with us via the contact form or call 01384 413 222.

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