Smart Building Technology

The Future … Today

Smart Buildings use a multitude of technologies to enable efficient and economical use of resources, while creating a safe and comfortable environment for occupants. Smart Buildings utilise a broad range of existing technologies which are designed or retrofitted in a manner that enables the future integration of technological improvements.

The use of sensors and building management systems are often integrated within a smart building, to control environments and optimise performance and sustainability.

The most important feature of a smart building is that all core systems within it are linked. Connecting smart building technology together, ensures information can be used to automate various processes, including; heating, ventilation, lighting, air conditioning, and security. This is essentially what makes a building “Smart” – the ability of systems within the building to communicate with each other.

Our extensive range of mouldings and extrusions are designed to deliver excellent performance throughout the life of all glazing systems used in smart buildings. Mouldings and extrusions can be designed and manufactured to clients specific requirements.

These requirements may well include size and shape or specific RAL colours, to ensure aesthetic and technical demands are achieved. Our mouldings and extrusions are made from TPE, ensuring quality and performance to match the very best. Our TPE compound waste is reprocessed in house, back into finished product. This ensures we have zero percent waste with minimum carbon footprint, without any reduction in performance of the finished product.

Central Extrusions are fully aware of the importance of exercising control within modern building environments via Smart Building Technologies. The objectives of Smart Building Control Systems can only be achieved, if the buildings basic mechanical systems perform as specified throughout the life of the building. Central Extrusions commitment to quality and sustainability will ensure all product objectives are achieved and sustained within a Smart Building Environment.

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Central Extrusions are committed to sustainability with ZERO waste from manufactured products