Sustainability & Environmental Policy

Protecting Our Future

The policy of Central Extrusions is to conduct its operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. We understand that, through our everyday business activities, we all have an impact on the environment. Consequently we are all actively responsible for the future of our ecosystem and our commitment to improving sustainability needs to be a continuous process. Over many years Central Extrusions have strived to reduce waste from their manufacturing processes and to reduce its carbon footprint by investment in recycling equipment, dedicated staff and improved raw materials. The company is committed to investing further in the planet’s future and considers sustainability as being extremely beneficial for business.

Our Commitment is to:

  • Reduce the consumption of; energy, water and consumable materials.
  • Encourage and invest in recycling.
  • Reduce average CO2 emissions by investment in recycling equipment and more efficient delivery methods.
  • Encourage our suppliers to minimise the impact on the environment via their operations.
  • Promote practices which raise awareness and encourage our staff to make a contribution to achieving our environmental goals.

Central Extrusions is ISO 14001 accredited, which covers the implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), placing focus on an organisation’s impact on the external environment. With the standard aims to reduce an organisation’s waste, pollution, and energy consumption. Additionally, the company is ISO 45001 accredited, which focuses on the management of an organisation’s internal environment. Central Extrusion’s aim is to continuously invest in sustainable practices in order to prevent the depletion of our natural and physical resources, protecting the environment for the future.

Central Extrusions are committed to sustainability with ZERO waste from manufactured products