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Gaskets and Seals For Aluminium Systems
Posted August 30, 2017

With aluminium systems with doors and windows, you need the right gaskets and seals to suit the profile. Yet, getting the correct seal for your needs can be difficult. To help with this, we’re taking a look at the types of gaskets and seals for aluminium systems available. We will look at how they will […]

Introduction To Bubble Gaskets
Posted August 17, 2017

Bubble Gaskets serve a particular role. They are instrumental in keeping door and windows sealed and watertight. Yet, not everyone is aware of what a bubble gasket is. To help with this, and clear up any confusion, we’ve put together a short introduction to bubble gaskets. So, what are bubble gaskets? To begin with, let […]

Anthracite Grey Glazing Gaskets
Posted March 29, 2017

There is a new trend in aluminium window frames which require Anthracite Grey Glazing Gaskets. Central Extrusions have identified this trend and responded to it. On many refurbishments and new builds, developers are specifying Anthracite Grey aluminium window frames. This article from the Telegraph tells you more about this interior and exterior design trend for black […]

48 Hour Delivery Service
48 Hour Delivery Service

Central Extrusions stock a full range of glazing gaskets to ensure we can deliver in just 48 hours. please contact the sales team for next day delivery. We are perfectly located at the heart of the UK motorway network to ensure the delivery of every order on time, every time.

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