Need Replacement Glazing Gaskets?

Finding suitable replacement glazing gaskets can be difficult, especially for those replacing glazing bead as part of a DIY project. At Central Extrusions we offer an easy and convenient way to source the perfect replacement glazing seal for many leading window systems.

Finding the right glazing gasket

Over the years, many private customers have contacted us asking for a few metres of a particular glazing gasket. They don’t need to buy hundreds of metres for a small repair so don’t want to buy a tub. We cut and send a small sample back to each customer to test on their window system first. If it is suitable we then send a 10m section which is usually sufficient. It would be very wasteful to discard a complete misted or draughty window and frame when a replacement glazing gasket or weatherstripping can make it as good as new.

“Central Extrusions work primarily with Trade customers but we recognized the need to supply replacement glazing gaskets to private customers carrying out DY repairs. We were getting so many enquiries it made sense to offer this replacement service and offer the ability for customers to search and buy securely online.

Sue Harper, Director

Buy securely online

Our replacement glazing gasket service is available to all private customers. Simply look up the system manufacturer and visit our website. You can use the product search facility to find the right replacement seal or bead. If you are unsure, or need further assistance, contact us and one of our friendly sales team will help you. Alternatively, you can select your gasket and pay securely online.

It makes perfect sense to replace old glazing gaskets and woopile (weatherstripping) to get your windows back to their best. All it takes is a little effort to find the right glazing seal to fix your windows.

Ideal for Replacement or Repair

We have glazing gaskets or seals that are suitable for use on many of the leading aluminium window systems as well as upvc window systems. Gasket types available include: Bubble Gaskets, E Gaskets, Flipper Gaskets, Low SightLine Gaskets, U Channel Gaskets and Wedge Gaskets. We also have a range of Woolpile (also called weatherstripping or brush pile) in various sizes that are ideal for use in repair and replacement.

If you would like to know more about replacement glazing gaskets, or would like a sample gasket to try before repairing, get in touch with us.

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