Central Extrusions Supplying Quality Wool Pile

Wool Pile has many different names for the same product. It can be called pile weatherstrip, weatherstripping, brush pile, brush strip, wool pile or Wool Pile. Confusing isn’t it? All these names refer to the same product. At Central Extrusions we call it woolpile or Wool Pile. Whether it is a domestic or commercial project, a dynamic or static application, Wool Pile from Central Extrusions is designed for use with many of the leading aluminium glazing or uPVC glazing systems in use today.

Woven and extruded Pile can be supplied with and without a fin. Either option provides an effective barrier against air, water, dust and noise. The pile seals even and uneven surfaces to prevent ingress of air, water, dust and noise. The pile spreads to prevent a soft barrier that goes right up to the frame of the door and window. They retain this ability for many openings and closings or sliding of doors and windows. Over time the pile becomes worn and compressed and starts to lose its effectiveness. This is the perfect time to replace it.

Wool Pile from Central Extrusions has a polypropylene backing. This semi-rigid backing makes them easier to install into around window and door frames. This easy-to-fit Wool Pile slides into the frames around doors and windows to prevent draughts. It helps to reduce heat loss by excluding draughts and protecting against freezing temperatures outside on wintry days. In fact, they are sometimes called draught excluders by some of our private customers.

Our pile is available in a variety of heights & base widths. They are designed and manufactured to be compatible with most of the leading window and door systems. Our Wool Pile is sold in metre lengths in reels to trade customers. Retail customers can order it cut to length to fit a specific door or window.

Central Extrusions specialise in matching the requirements of all customers using aluminium system in particular. We supply trade customers such as glaziers, fabricators and joiners as domestic or residential customers looking to do their own repair and replacement.

Central Extrusions are a UK based glazing gaskets specialist providing a custom extrusion manufacturing service. Take a look at our extensive range of Wool Pile products in our online store.

We strive to provide you with the best in high-quality Wool Pile. We are confident that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Contact us today on 01384 413 222 or email enquiries@centralextrusions.co.uk

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